In 2005, Anna was hired by a friend from college to work for his startup, Cinital. Cinital, now called Lightcraft, develops a hardware-software system called Previzion for real-time filming in a virtual 3d world. Previzion integrates live-action video with a 3d set in real-time, allowing filmmakers to quickly create realistic cgi scenes. Anna programmed in C++ for Cinital.

While working at Cinital, Anna decided to create Super Indie Films, a site for independent filmmakers to sell their films for download. To implement the site, she learned PHP, MySQL, XML and SOAP. Other areas she studied for this site include video compression and running a remote linux server. While no longer a commercial site, you can find The Somervillains films there.

In addition to running Super Indie Films, Anna also worked part time for HingePoint Software. HingePoint is the creator of ReFrame, a new programming environment that is natively multi-threaded and networked. At HingePoint Anna fell in love with rapid prototyping.

In 2008 Anna was hired by Brontes (subsidiary of 3M) to work in Ruby on Rails. While on the web team she helped create the Case Manager system, which stores, tracks, and manipulates 3d image files.

Anna is currently doing concept engineering at iPhone Concept. Concept engineering involves meeting with clients to help them create an iPhone app that will place them uniquely in their industry, as well as rapid prototyping these ideas for early approval. She also architects and develops iPhone apps.


iPhone Concept