Housing Guarantee

By Ann Fogler

Over the past 6 months many of us have made resolutions to be anti-racist. We have marched against acts of hatred towards women, people of color, and the trans community.  We often forget, however, that many of us do not have to come to terms with the racist policies that exist within our very own governments, and posting on social media or attending a few rallies are not enough. We forget that we, through complacency, overlook and ignore the human rights violations occurring right before our eyes.

On October 17, 2020 the eviction moratorium in MA will come down and thousands of people’s lives will be uprooted and dismantled. Even Somerville’s remaining evictions moratorium will only prevent a few people from being displaced from their homes, as it does not stop the eviction itself, but only prevents the removal of property from within the home. The only legislation that even comes close to protecting victims of job loss and financial hardship from being robbed of their homes is THE GUARANTEED HOUSING STABILITY ACT – H.5018 in the Massachusetts State House. Time is running out and we need to act now.

Evictions are racist. Evictions have been a human rights violation from the start, and COVID-19 only illuminates to those blinded by complacency how deeply interwoven healthcare and housing have always been.

A society that houses its constituents, especially under a pandemic, is a healthy and just society. What kind of society do you want to be a part of? How will you truly be anti-racist? Sign the form below and call your legislators now!

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