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It’s important for elected officials to engage people in the political process. Ideally, this is through live listening events where members of different communities get to talk about how policy affects their lives. COVID-19 made that impossible, so Anna invited members of the community and experts to join her on Solidarity LIVE to engage in the discussion of problems and solutions for our community.

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Candidate questionnaire: Anna Callahan for state rep in the 34th Middlesex

Anna Callahan walking with three other women, all holding folders
Nichole Mossalam, Heather May, Michelle Mullet, and Anna Callahan, part of a self-described loose coalition of candidates looking to bring a progressive “new guard” wave to the House, all picked up nomination papers to challenge incumbent representatives.

Listen to Anna dig into the root of the problems at the State House through interviews with progressive state reps and organizations who are working to fight the concentration of power at the State House.

Solidarity LIVE! National debt and MMT: Why we CAN afford social programs, with Fadhel Kaboub Incorruptible Massachusetts

Opposition to progressive programs such as Medicare For All or free college tuition generally involve the rhetorical "who's going to pay for it?" and complaints about increased taxes and deficits. But what if conventional economics is wrong about government spending, debt, and taxation? Modern Monetary Theory explains why taxes *aren't* what fund U.S. Federal Government programs, how money is actually created by government spending, why deficits don't matter in the way folks commonly think, and other reasons why we *can* have Medicare For All, free college tuition, etc., without necessarily raising taxes or deficits. Fadhel Kaboub, associate professor of economics at Denison University and President of the Global Institute For Sustainable Prosperity, explains.This is the audio portion of the Solidarity LIVE! interview streamed live on YouTube on October 8, 2020.Support the show (
  1. Solidarity LIVE! National debt and MMT: Why we CAN afford social programs, with Fadhel Kaboub
  2. Solidarity LIVE! Welcome Project (immigration), Tufts Mutual Aid, South Korea
  3. Solidarity LIVE! Somerville Homeless Coalition, Medford doctor, Somerville Community Corp
  4. Solidarity LIVE! Medford city councilor, expert on SNAP benefits, COVID, and incarceration
  5. Solidarity LIVE! Mutual aid, a doctor's perspective, and Somerville paraprofessional teachers

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The progressive movement won’t be won by having more money or newer technology. It will be won by using the absolute best practices in organizing that mobilize the majority of people into a true grassroots revolution.

Anna Callahan
Anna Callahan speaking into a megaphone to a group of Bernie Sanders supporters
BOSTON, MA – FEBRUARY 15: People listen to Anna Callahan during a rally for Bernie Sanders along Tremont St. at Boston Common February 15, 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Staff Photo By Chris Christo/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

The Incorruptibles Train Activists in New England To Run For Office