Movement 34 Blog

This curated content includes thoughts from Anna’s campaign team and from residents of the 34th Middlesex about the issues we care about. From a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, Criminal Justice, and Housing for Everyone to the many other issues related to giving more power to the powerless, you can find our voices here.

Choices 2020

Last Wednesday night was the Vice Presidential debate. We saw a shining example of Vice President Mike Pence trying not only to interrupt Senator Kamala Harris, but force her to answer his questions. We have all seen the memes of a fly landing on the Vice President’s head and Karen Pence ignoring COVID protocol by […]

Housing Guarantee

By Ann Fogler Over the past 6 months many of us have made resolutions to be anti-racist. We have marched against acts of hatred towards women, people of color, and the trans community.  We often forget, however, that many of us do not have to come to terms with the racist policies that exist within […]

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