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Join us as we build a campaign to fight for our rights — especially climate change, criminal justice reform, and healthcare.

Meet Anna

I’m Anna Callahan, I’m a mom and software engineer, and I’m dedicated to addressing the root problems in our State House. 

I moved to Somerville in 2003 and fell in love with the neighborhood.  In 2016 I quit my job because it became clear that we are at an all-hands-on-deck moment for so many issues, especially climate change, health care, and criminal justice reform.  In 2017 I spearheaded The Incorruptibles and have spent the last 3 years training people across the country in places like OK, KS, PA, CA, and here in MA to elect slates of progressives to their city council by increasing the engagement of working people.  When more people engage, progressive policies win.

I started a podcast on Massachusetts state politics last summer, Incorruptible Massachusetts, and those interviews helped me understand the systemic problems at the state house.  

Criminal justice reform, health care, and averting a climate catastrophe are not “nice to haves” — we need more people at the state level who understand the urgency of these issues.  I will fight for our rights while building the movement we need to get real change in our state.

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Anna and husband Nate at son Leif’s first day at school

What Prevents us from Passing Progressive Policy?

The Massachusetts State House has the worst concentration of power of any state house in the country. A combination of rules, laws, financial incentives, and culture lead to a small number of people in backroom deals deciding which legislation is allowed to pass. The progressive community has honed in on transparency as the most important first to change — on most bills there is no way for us to know how any of our state reps are voting.


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