Anna Callahan for
State Representative

Fighting for our rights in the 34th Middlesex.

Join us Wednesday at 7pm for a live video show about how COVID-19 is affecting our community!

Join us Wednesday at 7pm for a live video call-in show about how COVID-19 is impacting Medford and Somerville! This week’s Solidarity LIVE will feature a city councillor, an expert in SNAP, and a Somerville teacher.

See our Coronavirus page for policy and resources during this time of crisis.

Put a moratorium on rent, mortgage, and utility payments;
Expand unemployment insurance to cover all workers;
Enact vote by mail for all elections;
Release incarcerated people who pose no threat to society.

Join us as we build a campaign to fight for our rights — to health care as a human right, to housing as a human right, and to a healthy planet.

Most elected officials “listen to their constituents” by holding office hours, but they never hear from the 80% of people in their district who are not already engaged in the political process.  We’re excited about having Anna in the state house because of her deep commitment to reaching out to those least involved and whose needs are not being met.

We need you! Help us win power in Somerville and Medford so we can fight for our rights at the state level.

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To win elections, we must raise money from real people — not corporations or super-PACs.


for All

Rent and housing prices are skyrocketing. The solution is to fight for safe, liveable, and affordable housing as a human right.

Healthy, Liveable

We must take bold action to shift away from fossil fuels.  A Massachusets Green New Deal must ensure a just transition to renewable energy, and that we don’t leave workers or marginalized communities behind.

Health Care
for All

Health care is a human right. Under a Medicare for All-type system, all state residents would be covered for all medical services; no premiums, no deductibles, no copays.

Transportation for All

Free public transportation would help alleviate our traffic problems and move us in the right direction on climate change.

Safety for All

We must ensure that all of our neighbors are protected from discrimination, receive due process, and have a voice to speak up for their rights.

at the
State House

The Massachusetts State House is the least transparent of any State House in the country.  Anna will fight to make all votes public and she will sign the Voters Deserve to Know pledge.

For All

Anna will represent the needs of those currently under-served by our government, including the LGBTQ community, people of color, people of all religions, differently abled people, the homeless, seniors, young people, renters, low income people, and many more.

Read more about Anna’s stance on the issues here.

Click to watch Anna discuss political organizing on TYT.


Anna Callahan is a mom and software engineer dedicated to addressing the root problems in our State House. What is preventing us from passing legislation that is wildly popular among the residents of Massachusetts?

Anna moved to Somerville in 2003 and fell in love with the neighborhood.  She became politically involved during the 2016 presidential election. In 2017 she spearheaded The Incorruptibles which trains grassroots groups and candidates in a new model of political organizing.   She also runs a podcast about Massachusetts state politics

Anna understands that health care, affordable housing, and averting a climate catastrophe are not “nice to haves” — we need more people at the state level who understand the urgency of these issues.  Anna will fight for our rights while building the movement we need to get real change in our state.

Read more about Anna here.

Anna and husband Nate at son Leif’s first day at school

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